Kastamonu University student clubs enrich and add dynamism to university life. The student clubs are open to the participation of all students. They can be members of these clubs and participate in activities appropriate to their skills or areas of interest and can establish different clubs.

The list of students clubs is given below.

Anatolian Youth Club

Pre-school Education Club

Inebolu Theater Club

Career and Entrepreneur Club

Socialist Thought Club

Tosya Development Club

Design Club

Environment Club

Culture and Arts Club

Sports Club

Cinema Club

Photography Club

OREM community

Conscious Youth Club

History Research Club

Folk Dances Club

Culture and Travel Club

Forest and Travel Club

Mathematics Education Club

Biyot Club

Social Policy

Science, Arts and Culture Club

Photography Club

Sociology Club

Young Historians Club

Keeping the Turkish Language and Culture Club


Student Council

President Kürşat YILDIRIM

Faculty of Education

Phone: 0 541 972 08 66

Vice-President Kenan ARPAGUŞ

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Phone: 0 553 524 19 97