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General Information

Being in the core of all scientific studies, the universities, which determine and materialize the scientific policies of the countries, are the places where information technologies are mostly used and produced. Provided for the students, instructors, trainers, researchers, administrators and administrative bodies of the universities, Information technologies are the instruments which are to increase the function and the productivity of those utilizing them.

Kastamonu University Computer Center is commissioned to provide the researchers, students, personnel, and the academic and administrative units with technical support in information technologies.

In this context, the Computer Center aims at providing the services which best meet the demands of the academic and administrative units of the university and those of the staff in a cost-effective way in the framework of a reliable, high-caliber and continual service policy.

To achieve this aim, The working structure and the system of the Computer Center have been revised, and new strategies for increasing staff motivation, promoting time management and organization skills, forecasting the needs and the advancements likely to occur in the future, setting a mission and vision, and determining the objectives and the values of the work-place have been drawn up.

In order to meet the computer technologies-related needs (software programming, automation, internet access and communication, web, e-mail, ftp, maintenance and repair services etc) of the academic and administrative units of the university, Computer Center

  • installs the information infrastructure within the university,
  • gives technical support in the areas of infrastructure, hardware and software for educational activities and researches,
  • provides its services on a regular basis,
  • follows the technical advancements and adapts and applies them to the university
  • coordinates the units under the Computer Center by means of its administrative functions such as Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordinating and Auditing to make the units work effectively and in total harmony. 

The mission of the office is to;

  • provide the informational services needed by the academic units, administrative units and the students of the university,
  • meet the current and prospective demands effectively,
  • come up with or transfer software and hardware solutions,
  • introduce new information technologies to the university,
  • ensure the effective and productive use of the new information technologies within the university by means of control and coordination
  • ensure the continuity of the information technologies.


The vision of the computer center is to:

  • Follow the innovations in the field of information technologies,
  • Update the technological infrastructure of the university continuously,
  • Ensure the common use of technologies in all units of the university,
  • Take its place among the leading universities that are technologically advanced in terms of service quality and technological infrastructure,
  • Unite the services provided by different units of the university by transferring them to computer networks and databases,
  • Ensure the accurate and fast transfer of information to the units of the university,
  • Increase the efficiency and speed in the services provided,
  • Help the university have an “e-University” vision in parallel with the concept “e-Government”,
  • Take its place among the leading universities that are equipped with modern information technologies, have advanced technological facilities and have a capacity to compete with its contemporaries.


  • To protect the benefits of the university and those of the public
  • To have the sense of responsibility
  • To be devoted
  • To have the sense of leadership and teamwork
  • To take decisions based on data and information
  • To be active and efficient
  • To seek for the perfect and to be a professional
  • To be innovative and creative
  • To have an interest in technology
  • To be transparent and objective
  • To be accountable and give an account of all the activities done
  • To be open to change and development
  • To develop and improve itself continuously
  • To be attached to ethical values and be tolerant