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Vision Mission

  • Our mission is to become a university which 
    • contributes to the development of the country in the light of scientific knowledge by carrying out projects that meet social and national needs,
    • is in harmony with cultural values and the city,
    • promises an atmosphere of freedom for its staff and students,
    • You shall take pride in being a member and a graduate of.


  • Our vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognized “World University” with the scientific knowledge it presents and free education environment it provide


  • Our fundamental principles are to become a university which is
    • Student Centered
    • Knowledge Oriented
    • Freedom Based
    • Socially-Responsible
    • Fair
    • Innovative


Campus Life Kastamonu University, which was founded on the basis of the law no 5467 on 1st March 2006, pursues its educational activities under 13 faculties, 2 institutes, 3 schools and 13 vocational schools.