Our mission

Our mission is to become a university which

  • contributes to the development of the country in the light of scientific knowledge by carrying out projects that meet social and national needs,
  • is in harmony with cultural values and the city,
  • promises an atmosphere of freedom for its staff and students,
  • You shall take pride in being a member and a graduate of.


Our vision

Our vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognized “World University” with the scientific knowledge it presents and free education environment it provides.

Fundamental Principles

Student Centered Education

Our university provides all kinds of support to our students through the family environment and enables them to grow up as individuals who are responsible, qualified and preferred in the business world. In addition to academic studies, our university also gives social, cultural, sports and artistic activity facilities to its students.

Production of Scientific Knowledge

Our university orients the educational world with the scientific knowledge it produces at international level. It encourages scientists to be productive by supporting their academic work.

Academic Freedom

With the understanding of 'respect for diversity', our university provides an environment of welfare and peace to its personnel and students.

Social Responsibility

Our university provides added value for fulfilling social needs to our region and our country by providing awareness through its social responsibility projects. 


Our university treats fairly to all personnel and students within it without any discrimination


Our university is quickly adapting ourselves to changing conditions to equip our students with professional knowledge and skills, leading to many well-established institutions though being a young university.