Department of Informatics

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General Information

Informatics is a scientific discipline that examines how information is produced, processed, stored, organized, classified and transmitted using information technologies. It serves as a bridge between informatics, information technology and other scientific fields. The developments in this area enable the use of different academic disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Computational Science, Computer Science. The Department of Informatics is a department of interdisciplinary support for all departments in different academic disciplines, in particular with the aim of ensuring and coordinating the provision of software-related computer-related courses.

Our Mission

Among the different disciplines, education of information technology is given in the fastest and most efficient manner and it is a bridge between technology, science and practice. It is to coordinate, update and realize the course contents by following the developing technologies with the help of the continuous development and improvement activities of different academicians and experts.

Our Vision

It should be a unit that carries out education of information technology to the students of the university. The professional skills required for the use and development of information and information systems should be acquired. New technologies and software should be able to be developed based on the interoperability of the private sector with our university in order to raise the level of knowledge technology and knowledge at our university.

Our activities

  • To provide coordination and execution of computer science courses
  • To design web pages of our university and to make necessary updates
  • To produce and use the software that our university needs