Our university, which aims at having a distinguished place among national and international universities, was founded on the basis of the law no 5467 on 1st March, 2006.

Despite recently founded, Kastamonu University has established itself as a “Developing Young University” with its innovations in social, cultural and sports areas as well as its physical developments.

Our main campus, Kuzeykent Campus, is located on an area of 237 hectares on the Daday Road.

With an increasing number of qualified academic and administrative staff, our university carries out its academic activities within 8 faculties, 2 institutes, 4 schools and 11 vocational schools. Besides, 1 conference hall, 2 sports halls (one in the main campus and the other in the Faculty of Education Campus), 1 fitness center, 6 laboratories and workshops, 1 football field, 2 social facility buildings, outdoor sports fields and a kindergarten located in the Faculty of Education Campus serve for the students and the staff.

There are five state-funded dormitory buildings near the Kuzeykent Campus with capacity of 562 male and 882 female students. Moreover, with the addition of a new dormitory building with a capacity of 400 students, the university will provide better accommodation facilities for those coming from other places. Apart from these dormitories there are many private dormitories with several facilities, especially in the city center and near the campus.

The Department of Foreign Languages provides a one-year compulsory (for School of Tourism and Hotel Management) and voluntary (for other faculties, schools and vocational schools) English Preparation classes. Furthermore, TÖMER (Turkish Language Teaching, Practice and Research Center) provides Turkish Language classes for international students.

30 student clubs within Kastamonu University enrich and add dynamism to university life. The student clubs are open to the participation of all students. They can be members of these clubs and participate in activities appropriate to their skills or areas of interest and can establish different clubs. The numbers and activities of student clubs increase continually.

Our university has bilateral agreements with the university from such countries as the USA, Argentina, Portugal, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Within the framework of these agreements, 2-year vocational school graduates has the opportunity to enroll to the undergraduate programmes and 4-year school and faculty graduates can apply for the Master’s Degree programmes at the universities abroad. The agreements also involve cooperation in the areas of research, projects and student and staff exchanges.

Besides, our university has Farabi agreements with 75 universities in Turkey and Erasmus agreements, which involves learning programmes, internship and staff mobility, with 32 European Universities.

The university is becoming a “World University” by increasing the number of bilateral, Erasmus and Farabi agreements.

Our university will continue to diversify and improve the educational services it provides with the new faculties, institutes, schools and research centers.

Our university promises a stress-free, calm and healthy environment where theoretical education is put into practice, the cooperation and communication between the academic staff and students are effective and strong.

 A university you shall take pride in being a member and a graduate of.

International Student Coordinatorship