Turkey is cheaper in many respects than most of the Western countries. Most Turkish students live on around 250 - 350 € per month including the cost of dormitories.
  Accommodation (Dormitory)   50 to 60 € per month
  Furnished House Rent   300€ per month
  Household Expenses   100 € per month


Transportation is also quite reasonable for students. Buses run in every 10 minutes and a student ticket costs 50 cents for in-city public transportation.

Here are some approx. prices in Euro:

A loaf of bread

30 cents

A kilo of chicken meat

3 Euro

A liter of fresh water in the market

50 cents

A dozen of eggs

2 Euro

A cup of coffee in an average café

1 Euro

A kilo of beef meat

15 Euro

A liter of milk

1 Euro

A kilo of apples

0,75 – 1,50 Euro

Butter (250 gr)

1 Euro

A kilo of oranges

0,50 – 1 Euro

Beer (50 cl) in the pub

3-4 Euro

A liter of petrol

1.80 Euro

Burger King Menu

3-4 Euro

Cinema ticket for students

3 Euro

Coke in the market

1 Euro

Meal at student cafeteria

1 Euro

A kilo of sugar

1,5 Euro

Average restaurant meal

5 Euro

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